Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Upcoming projects

Here are upcoming house projects in progress or on the docket:

1. Installing a 9-light antique bronze chandelier above our staircase:

This isn't the exact chandelier, but it's close (from Lowe's):

2. An ongoing process we've termed "oil-rubbed bronzing" the bathroom upstairs. The previous owners did a complete remodel of the bathroom less than 5 years ago, so everything is brand new, but the gold/brass fixtures just didn't match our personal style. So far we've replaced the shower trim, shower drain, toilet flush handle, sink faucet and some accessories such as a towel bar and switchplates. Left to complete are the clawfoot tub supply lines, toilet supply line, clawfoot tub faucet, shower door, sink drain, and the installation of an in-wall medicine cabinet we got on special order at Lowe's.

We found a great online vendor of supplies for older clawfoot tubs and other historic-home remodeling finds - Needless to say we've become one of their better customers...

The box!

New cast-iron register grills that are nearly exact replicas of the rusty, broken ones that are likely original to the house:

Oil-rubbed bronze gooseneck faucet for the clawfoot tub:

3. Painting the windows (white on the inside, beige/cream on the outside) and installing new pulls and sash locks

4. Creating and installing trim in the bedrooms and hall upstairs (white)

5. Painting the upstairs bathroom (green walls and brown trim)

6. Painting the hallway (beige)

7. Replacing the exterior window trim on the North, South and East-facing sides of the house. West-facing trim was replaced by the previous owners, but the remaining trim is rotted and deteriorated in many spots

8. Caulking and painting holes and cracks in the siding

9. Replacing or repainting the shutters on front upstairs windows

10. Repainting/touching up the front porch

11. Installing steel support beams in the basement in order to level out our uneven first floor

12. Installing an attic fan to improve ventilation upstairs

13. Repairing the very rotted, falling-apart, leaky and scary-looking outdoor cellar entrance

WHEW! That's quite an ambitious list... stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Check out I installed 3 of their cabinets in my house (Bath cabinet, Wine cabinet and a coat rack)
They come with a high tack adhesive and the trim covers up the cut out in the drywall so you will not need to touch up the paint. Very nice quality.

carmen said...

hi! i met you at the clean-up in irvington this morning. i had to look up your blog as soon as i got home so i wouldn't forget the name. it was good to meet you and love the progress on your house. looks great!

DYSB said...

I think I gave you a ride back to beautiful Irvington Plaza. I didn't realize you lived just around the corner from us. We live on North Hawthorne (south of Lowell).

We bought our tub fixture from clawfoot supply too. It works great! We need to order some grates too. Thanks for the tip!

DYSB said...

Oh and we frequently walk our two dogs past your place so I'm sure we'll see each other again....

SuzyQ said...

Love all the new stuff! How are the projects coming along?

Thanks for the message on my blog post - I was pretty bummed about the whole thing - but it happens. My friend really didn't let me know she couldn't come until 5 and it started at 5:30 so it was too late to even find anyone else - that is what really upset me. Ah well - there will be a next time I am sure! :)

How is work and everything going?

Anonymous said...

I live on the other side of Pleasant Run Parkway on Poplar and have walked my dog past your house many times. Everytime, I have marveled at its exterior charm. It is cool to see what you are doing on the inside as I too am updating my home built in 1928. Thx for the clue-in to the store link.