Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Almost one year later...

We've been bad with the updating again, but I guess that just adds to the suspense, eh? Here's a short list of activities that have occurred upstairs since the last time we updated:

Doorway at top of staircase removed
Window restoration completed (no paint yet)
Drywall - hung, taped/mudded, sanded and finished
Ceiling fans removed and thoroughly cleaned
Primer applied to walls/ceilings
Paint applied to walls/celings
Ceiling fans installed
Carpet installed

The biggest stressor (for me, anyway) was choosing paint colors, blinds, and a new fan. I've enjoyed making the upstairs "our own" but there are just too many choices out there, and I am indecisive by nature.

We're probably going to live for the next year without any trim, jambs or doors - we received a quote from a contractor to complete all the finish trim (crown molding, baseboards, trim around windows and doors...) for nearly $11,000. After running some numbers, we realized that we could buy all the proper tools and materials for about half this. The concession is that it will take much longer for us to do it :)

The biggest news of all? We'll finally "live" upstairs almost exactly a year after we bought our house!!

Below: Removal of doorway at top of staircase (once we had all the plaster removed, we realized that the doorway/jamb was not original - it was likely added at some point in the 40's when our house was split into apartments.)

The hallway and bedrooms with drywall in place and finished:

A closer shot of the (primed and dirty, but refinished!) window:

Spare bedroom with paint (no carpet yet - enjoy the blue floor while you can):

Master bedroom with paint (again, no carpet yet):

And the grand finale - paint AND carpet!

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