Friday, February 01, 2008

Windows: Restore or Replace?

More decision-making came when we asked ourselves what to do with our windows. We knew they weren't in great shape - all had several coats of paint on the sashes, ropes and hardware that allow the window to function, one was painted shut, some had rotten parts, most of the ropes had been cut, etc. Finding people with the skills and patience to restore the windows proved difficult, and after researching replacement windows, we were torn between just tearing the old ones out and preserving the historical integrity of our home. Aside from that, since we reside in a historic district, there is an approval process to making any modifications to the outer facade of our home.

We ended up hiring Robb Ryan to restore the windows. Here are a few shots of his handywork thus far. He hopes to be done with the work by Feb. 11th.

A before/after of the pulley (and surrounding wood) that holds the rope that allows the window to open and close:

The old, iron counterweights in the space between the window frame and the studs:

While we were only slightly optimistic that Robb would be able to restore the windows to the point where we could re-stain the wood, it looks like they were damaged beyond this point. We plan to paint the windows a nice, neutral shade of white and will post pictures when they are finally complete!

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Rabit said...

Really glad you went with restoration, although I know how much of a harder road that has probably been. Looking forward to how they turn out!