Thursday, January 31, 2008

And so it begins...

After we finished hemming and hawing our options, checked out how our savings account was doing, and called in some drywall and window pros, we got to work. We called in a bigger dumpster than last time and researched the best way to tear out plaster. Nick devised a plan which involved rare earth magnets, our shop-vac, a circular saw and cable ties. He used the magnets to locate the studs in the walls (which lathe was nailed into), cable-tied the shop vac to the circular saw to suck up some of the dust, and started making vertical cuts in the walls. This actually led to the relatively tidy removal of large chunks of plaster and lathe tiles.

As you can see, this still left the plaster and lathe that remained on the studs, which was easily knocked off and collected in buckets to be hauled down to the dumpster. Once work was complete, we found some more interesting things in our walls, had exposed the beauty that is the brick chimney that runs through the center of our house and made a really, really big mess.

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