Sunday, August 26, 2007

Finally, an update!

Well, we haven't updated in quite a while. To be honest, there hasn't been a whole lot to update on. Actually, I guess I'm lying. My mom came and helped me tear out the madness that was our front garden and we had the Open House, but after that, we've sort of been on a house hiatus.

Here goes an update marathon consisting of all things Jordan:


Abby Joins the Family

On July 1, we adopted cat #3, Abby. She came with the moniker "Miss Kitty," but in following the tradition of giving our cats human names, we decided to opt for "Abby." She is about 4 years old and prior to coming to live with us, mothered a litter of kittens. Abby was at the humane society since April, and we cannot understand why she was there so long! She is the absolute sweetest cat we have ever met. In stark contrast to Jake and Claire, Abby loves human attention. She loves to sit in your lap, greets guests upon arrival and will lick you to death. Although she looks a lot like Claire, Abby has a bigger nose, bigger eyes and is slightly more gray in color compared to Claire's brown/black.

Here are some pictures:


Mom Visits and We Update the Garden

Perhaps one of our greatest accomplishments to date, my mom (Kim) flew up to Indy from North Carolina to join our Open House fun. Since my mom also has a famously green thumb, I asked her to lend her expertise to remedying the sad state of our front garden. In this case I think a picture is worth a thousand words:



Thanks, Mom!


Open House Fun

On July 21st we held our Open House/Nick's birthday celebration. It was a great turnout. Although we didn't keep count, we estimate that over 75 people showed up at one time or another. Lots of beer and food was consumed, and many house tours were given. Needless to say, I didn't take too many pictures so I need to borrow some from Betty. Here are a couple:


Jake Receives Bath #2

Although we didn't photograph this event, we did discover where he'd been hiding and getting so dirty. In one of the closets that are under construction, Jake dug through some blown-in insulation and managed to find himself between the 1st and second floors of the house. I was able to shine a light into this hole and see him sitting amongst 100+ years of dirt and dust, but no amount of treats, toys or calling would make him come out until he was good and ready.


A Tiny Bit of Closet Work

After 3 weeks of house hiatus, Nick built and installed the last wall of the last large closet upstairs. It was quite an undertaking, as he needed to frame a hole on the wall so we could add an access door to reach the plumbing for the adjacent bathroom. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to get the pre-assembled wall into the closet and in position, but it turned out quite well:


That's all for now, folks! Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll have more to post about soon.

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