Sunday, December 21, 2008

More bathroom remodeling fun

We've talked about the bathroom several times on the blog... we've been collecting the tools and supplies we need to "oil rubbed bronze-ify" our full bath upstairs for several months at this point. When we bought our house, the bathroom had bright gold fixtures and trim - all nice, but not quite our style. We had also noticed a sewer gas smell from time to time, which we believed to have been caused by improper or insufficient venting of the drainage pipes in the bathroom.

Nick put his plumbing skills to the test and connected the sink in the bathroom to a nearby vent pipe in the wall. While doing so, he created quite a disaster of the drywall behind the pedestal sink in the bathroom. Since we'd been meaning to paint the bathroom for months, we decided to take this "opportunity" to go ahead and patch the drywall, paint the bathroom, and begin installing all our oil rubbed bronze goodies. He also patched the drywall near the medicine cabinet where there used to be an outlet, and some other various smaller holes.

While I was visiting her parents in North Carolina, Nick painted the bathroom. While we liked the moss green color we picked out on the swatch, once it was on the walls I realized that our shower walls had pink undertones that were only emphasized by the green on the walls. "Back to Sherwin Williams", I said and returned with some sample containers of a deep red and dark beige. I never considered painting an accent wall in a bathroom before, but after talking to the guy working at Sherwin Williams that day, I thought it might be a good idea. You can see our samplings in the pictures below.

The current state of our bathroom is: No tub, no sink. That's right, we've only had the shower and toilet in there for a little over a month now. We are hoping to finish this off soon, and will even be ordering the new shower door in the coming weeks.

Here's what you've been waiting for: pictures of the mess!

The new vented drain pipe

Where the sink used to be, and Nick's drywall patching

The clawfoot tub and sink, waiting to be re-installed

A sample of the beige on the wall next to the shower (and the rejected green paint!)

A sample of the red

Did I forget to mention that we also decided to strip the paint from the trim around the door? The casing and trim around the door had several coats of paint and couldn't really take another. We've been using a heat gun, chisels, chemical stripper, and an orbital sander.

A closer shot.

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