Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We (finally) move upstairs!

(NOTE: After originally posting a large entry encompassing April-September in September 2008, I went back and post-dated the entries for archival purposes.)

So I guess we fell off the blogging bandwagon, huh?

While quite a bit has happened since April, no "major" house projects - and sadly, not much of our ambitious list - has been started let alone completed. After our big tearout upstairs I think we needed a break (mentally and financially) from all of the house work.

Our bedroom furniture was delivered in early April, and we officially moved upstairs! The bed and nightstand is from the Nolan collection, and the bookshelves part of Sloan (from Crate and Barrel).

After buying (and then returning) some pre-fabbed closet organizers from Lowe's, Nick built some custom shelving and we finally moved our clothes out of the pantry downstairs and into the bedroom closets upstairs! The dresser that was in the kitchen moved into my closet as well.


Andrea said...

hi, i know this is a little strange, but i found your blog on the irvingtonian blog and thought it was so cool. My husband and i just bought a house here in irvington and its cool to see others who are enjoying their beautiful 1900's home:) congrats!!

Stacy said...

Love the cool bookshelf in your bedroom! Where'd you get it?