Monday, June 25, 2007

The Really Big Show
Every once in a great while there comes a large update (or once in every third posting in our case). This is that post. We’ve got a bit to cover here so get comfortable and maybe grab some snacks or something. This post feels like a popcorn post so maybe go grab some Orville or whatnot.

Part One: It turns out they weren’t kidding

Our first activity since our last post was finishing insulation and yes, my friends, fiberglass is itchy. We were told this, but there were several things that were not passed on to us:

1.This is not a joke. Fiberglass itches. A lot.
2.You don’t feel it until you start sweating.
3.It doesn’t stop when you stop insulating. It stops when it damn well pleases.
4.Fiberglass is crunchy. Trust me on this.

We used R-19 insulation on the exterior walls and R-30 insulation along with vent channels on the angled roof. The R-30 was about twice as deep as the rafter bays so we (meaning Dad and I here) had to rig up some furring to hold it in place.

Part 2: Plumb, Square and Level
First some definitions:

Plumb- Describes a perfectly vertical surface
Square- Describes a perfect right angle
Level – Describes a perfectly horizontal surface

Once you see these definitions, you see everything that an old house is not. Our house is the "bizzaro world” of plumb, square and level. As one might imagine, this adds a whole new level of fun to our endeavors.
As you can see here, we’ve added a wall and a faux ceiling to our first closet. The installation of these walls was a bit like a the Laurel and Hardy “Who’s on first” gag. It seemed that everything we tried to do so that we could get the walls in place just caused a problem somewhere else. Eventually we figured out that you couldn’t tell as long as we took pictures from far enough away.

Just kidding.

We did learn some good lessons here that will hopefully help us out later on.

Part 3: Genesis 1:3
Wikipedia told me that this bible verse is the one that says “Let there be light”. I knew the internet would eventually be good for something. I got the lights for our first closet wired up and running. Unfortunately I mounted the switch upside down so that our lights turn “No” instead of turning “On." Oh well.

Part 4: Why call it drywall?
Yes it’s dry, but shouldn’t it be? Seriously, I don’t think I’d take the time to hang wet wall or even moist wall for that matter. I might go for slightly damp wall if it were cheaper.

We started hanging our gypsum board (a.k.a. drywall) and found that the whole level, plumb, square thing carries over to hanging drywall in addition to framing. Thanks to Dad’s help we’ve been able to cut and place some pretty large sheets (nearly 9’ X 4’) but each one is a challenge to fit. It’s all part of the charm and magic of an old house.

Part 5: This is sweet.
In an unexpected move, the concept formerly known as awesome staged a coup and provided us with a sale on the the patio furnature we've been eyeing for the first part of the summer.

Justine had gone to Lowe's to pick up some last minute drywall tools when she discovered the deal. We aquuired enough furniture to fill our deck and hopefully provide a lot of fun memories.

We purchased:
- A four-person dining table
- A six-person dining table
- A combination side table/fire pit/ice bucket
- An umbrella with stand
- Eight matching chairs.

Sweet. Now we can have the Three's Company reunion at our house.
**Note: I have never seen, nor do I know who starred in Three's Company. Lets just leave it at that.

Here's the goods:

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