Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cat Baths and Weddings

Jake has been in hiding ever since we moved. This is expected behavior from him; every time we move he typically hides for about a week or so while he adjusts to the new surroundings. Well, we removed the vent covers upstairs while we were working, and apparently Jake decided that the ductwork might be a good place to hide. He made an appearance Thursday night and the normally snow-white fur on his belly and feet were a nice shade of medium gray and he was tracking dust and dirt everywhere. Jake promptly received his first-ever shower/bath (which he did NOT enjoy) and immediately went back into hiding (perhaps permanently this time). I'm not sure if you can tell from the pics how dirty he was:

Nick also received several bloody scratches from the ordeal.

The next day we left for South Bend to attend a good friend's wedding (Nick was a groomsman).

More pics are available at:

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