Monday, May 21, 2007

The Dumpster Cometh

To make room for the construction materials being delivered from Menards, we had to get rid of the huge pile of demolition debris residing in our garage. This involved obtaining a permit from the city and contacting Ray's for a construction dumpster to haul our mess away. Since our detached garage faces toward and alley behind the house, we instructed Ray's to place the dumpster in the alley for ease of loading the debris into the dumpster. After several failed attempts to deliver the dumpster in its intended spot, it ended up in front of the house. This meant that Nick and I (admittedly, mostly Nick) hauling the mess through the back access door to the garage, through the backyard, through the small trellis door, around the side yard, through the front yard and down the steps in front of our house. I think Nick was sore for a week after performing this unexpected duty.

Moral of the story? Get the construction dumpster WHILE you are making the mess rather than AFTER.

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