Sunday, May 06, 2007

Demolition Complete

We finished Stage 1 : Demolition this weekend. We have completed the tear-out of the flooring and 4 closets from upstairs and have measured the rooms to order building materials to begin construction. After knocking out some non-supportive studs we will have expanded the closet space in two of the bedroom closets:

Before (with studs):

After (without studs):

We also have some flooring samples on their way as well as a couple appointments for some estimates. We are a little weary to complete the floor installation ourselves due to unlevel surfaces and out-of-square corners. We'll see what the prices look like!

Here are some more "highlights" from the weekend:

Our normally beautiful, but currently filthy, staircase:

A huge pile of old, crumpled insulation bags that we found in an unused space between the linen closet and the chimney (can you say "fire hazard"?) These were promptly removed:

A view of the ceiling of the linen closet (and into the attic):

The filthy handprints on the walls:

Lastly, what we looked like when the night was over (and no, Nick was NOT wearing a black undershirt):


Rabit said...

Wow! Yeah, I'm glad you were wearing masks. When we gutted the mud room and they pulled out the ceiling, about an inch-and-a-half of soot dropped and just filled the house. It was a filthy mess for a few weeks while we tried to clean it all up. I imagine you were getting into some similar stuff, there. It's incredible how much built up from the old coal furnaces and oil furnaces!

Justine said...

Yes, we upgraded from the typical mask to the interchangeable-filter type after coughing and sneezing up black-flecked phlegm (sorry for the details).

That's a good point from the coal and oil furnaces - we attributed the dirt to the old roofing falling into the ceiling (there was an incredible amount of black soot/dirt in the Southeast closet upstairs) but the coal build-up for years makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for checking in!