Sunday, April 29, 2007

Demolition Weekend

This weekend we tore out the carpet from upstairs, as well as the plaster walls and insulation from the upstairs closets. We made one heck of a mess and will be sure to sleep well tonight. We also found some interesting things beneath the walls of our house—one was a piece of old newspaper stuck in the plaster that had to be from the early 1900's—I couldn't find a date but in the crumpled mess was an ad for a new house—the price? $14,875.

We also found an old breaker box from the knob and tube wiring behind a board in the closet:

Nick removing carpet:

Nick and Brian removing carpet from closet #1:

That same closet, with shelving removed and the pink painted floor revealed:

The same closet again, with the drywall removed:

The lovely blue-painted floor in the 2nd bedroom:

Most of the carpet that we removed from upstairs:

The huge mess of drywall, plaster, lathe, insulation and general grime that now resides in our garage:

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Hey guys! I just want to say congrats again on your new purchase! That is so exciting!! Also, I wanted to say, "WOW" because I painted a bedroom this weekend and I thought I did a lot!! Proves me wrong, huh? Justine, I am glad Nick is a "handyman" because you would not see Jeff doing any of that stuff! You guys must be exhausted from the weekend! Congrats again and we will have to come visit soon!